Shippuden 479 The Ninja World

Shippuden 479 The Ninja WorldBe brigh in shippuden 479. Intelligence and relationship with story from kingplaya and raw scan share from members.

Shippuden 479 manga chapter and place. Read detail story "He definately stole or took the uchiha eyes 4 power and taking people's eyes that are dead no matter how u look at it is a crime. He definately allowed himself 2 get the 1st's dna and wasn't a puppet like yamato was cuz he's no baby and wants anko cuz she knows something about his partnership with oro which u can expect to be bad. And he definately didn't go to the summit to take control of any crises but rather, he wanted to take control of the ninja world through the alliance. It was shown that he has always wanted the hokage title as he went to hanzou to get an alliance and force his way in2 being a hokage. Kishi probably didn't have danzo in his mind during part1 but all evidences show that danzo is sick and would do anything 4 power, Its just the way u look at it."

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