Shippuden 446 Outside of The Village

news of shippuden chapter 446 can read detail story discussion spoiler. The shippuden manga 446 today with huey freeman say: "First, if Danzou is Hanzou's brother then Pain didn't really kill all of his family did he? Pain is starting to look more and more like a big hoax. Not that he isn't or wasn't incredibly powerful, but for the most part it's all a big trick. Second, it's looking like Danzou has several shady ties outside of the village. he may very well be in league with Madara or he is Madara. Third, it is slowly starting to look like Nagato's answer isn't even his own answer. It's Yahiko's answer. That's not good. Last, how come Kishi had to make Konan be the weak link in the group. I'm really starting to think he doesn't like women." Welcome to story of shippuden 446 spoiler.
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