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Discussion Shippuden 448 After Scan Out

Be paralyzed with shippuden 448 discussion story. The after scan out shippuden manga 448 detail chapter by franckie say: "Orochimaru fails as a villain. His only major victory in this series is against Sarutobi, and he had to wait until his former sensei was too old in order to beat him. Since then he's done nothing but lose. Also, Oro's goals are a joke. His dark goals are to see the reincarnation of his parents, super dark yeah. At least Nagato's goals are more interesting since his desire to lay waste to the ninja world is much more threatening than anything Oro could ever hope to become." After enjoy start in shippuden chapter 448 here with discussion story.

Shippuden 446 Wanted a Different

Fantastical for shippuden chapter 446 in chapter detail wantes a different. Story of shippuden manga 446 read discussion by jdw say: "It would look kinda cool if we never saw the cape with the flames on him. Now, Kishi will have to step his game up to pass it. Naruto better get another one after his chat with Nagato is over. Plus looking at Yahiko in it is the same as looking at Naruto in it anyway, Yahiko looks like a Naruto kage bunshin who wanted a different outfit to be an individual." News of shippuden 446 discussion here.

Shippuden 446 Relationship Hanzou and Uchiha

Excite when read shippuden 446 read online spoiler discussion in chapter of relationship shown between Hanzou and Uchiha. The shippuden chapter 446 spoiler by jdw say: "One translation of the spoiler says that Hanzou and Danzou are brothers. Others say it is best to wait until the chapter releases because the spoiler translations sometimes contain errors. There has been no clear relationship shown between Hanzou and Uchiha, as far as I can recall. Hanzou has been shown in relation to Pain, the Sannin, and now in relation to Danzou and the Emo three, I could have missed something though." All story detail in shippuden manga 446 discussion spoiler chapter.

Shippuden 446 The Fourth Hokage

Excitement in shippuden 446 discussion detail of the fourth hokage. The shippuden chapter 446 can read discussion by ciardha1966 say: "You're misreading what I said. Of course Tobi is Madara. What most the people who think there is a Tobi/Obito connection are saying is Madara took over Tobi's body, ala the way Orochimaru and/or Pain did. There's certainly enough clues Kishimoto has dropped to make this a distinct possibility. Denying this theory completely out of hand is like the people who virulently denied the Fourth Hokage was Naruto's father. Kishimoto left all kinds of clues in part 1 of manga and several in part 2 before he revealed it- yet some people were still virulently denying it on this forum up to the chapter where it was said outright in Tsunade's and Jiraiya's conversation." The fourth discussion in shippuden manga 446 hokage.

Shippuden 446 Kunai was In Nagato's Hands

News of shippuden 446 story kunai was in nagato's hands discussion manga. The shippuden chapter 446 read online discussion by jdw say: "If Yahiko did it with the kunai in his own hands, seppuku it was. If the kunai was in Nagato's hands, Yahiko died on purpose but it was still nagato's two hands. It looks like Nagato was holding it and Yahiko held Nagato's hand, lol. I think Yahiko would have been a better man behind he curtain." Discussion can help create knowledge in shippuden 446.

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