One Piece 539 Cycles of Destruction

Read manga online of one piece 539 chapter of cycles of destruction. For one piece chapter 539 start to read discussion and scanlation by blindmunkey say: "Even though the whole cycle was suppose to last 2 days but luffy got it over within 1 day. it just means he was able to do it in 1 day. so he still lost 10 years off this lifespan. which brings me to another point. going through all these fast cycles of destruction and regeneration meant his body is alot stronger now. so it would support him being able to use gear2 more efficiently and not causing strains on his body unless he over does it. its like he lived through those 10 years within a day. so hez ought to gain something from it. like strength or healing hormones made luffys body to the point where he can easily now learn to control haki. its gonna be kickas* arch. i just love the whole idea." All info in one piece manga 539.
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