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Negiam 273 The Striped Line

Negima 273 The Striped LineNear or whoever in negima 273. In this moment with detail of negima chapter 273 start to read again after book postpone today from devilen.

Negima 273 manga chapter and sneak. Snalysis result story "Nothing Chao did, did directly or indirectly mean that Negi went to Mundus Magicus of cause, he met Imma there and he was the one getting Negi to go there, but she clearly saw him as a spanner in the works, so i wouldn't guess that that was intented. If Negi hadn't ran into Chao he wouldn't have had the infomation which here in this chapter made him abandon Kurt at the striped line. So he would have forcefully have been made to help Kurt, though some kind of geas." Download negima 273 raw scan from members share.

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