Negima 291 The Aoyama Clan

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Negima 291 manga chapter and intentions offers the possibility of content big "So does that mean that Tsukuyomi and Touko are part of the Aoyama clan. And Tsukuyomi can perform the technique Zanganken Ni No Tachi. It has been already mentioned. That only the Aoyama clan and the people who are connected to them can perform that move."

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Negima 288 The End of the fight

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Negima 288 manga chapter and the need to attract a stellar fight. Or someone who is going to have to track read This is the content of the search "My theory is that at the climax of the battle, Negi and Fate appear in Mahora, and the climax is there." This clearly indicates that. The protagonist's struggle has begun to see the excitement now at the course.

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Negima 281 The Body Separate

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Negima 281 manga chapter and sob. Read detail story "Ironically her statement about being able to bring people back also increases the likelyhood that she or other members of Ala Alba may be "taken out" at some point possibly by having the soul and body seperated so that the Soul ends up in the eternal Garden and the body is put in a coma before they are later "reunited". If this were to happen in this arc we probably would see Negi lose it and possibly kill the perpetrator of the act."

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Negima 280 The Wonder Nodoka

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Negima 280 manga chapter and begin. Read detail story "Nodoka is the secks. Kishi, hurry up and make Hinata just as awesome. But I wonder what Nodoka is planning. Is she going to somehow divide the book so that both Chisame and her can read his thoughts. Or is she going to Adeat the pactio again and teleport the book back in her hands. In every case, I know it's going to be awesome"

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Negima 277 The Back to School

Negima 277 The Back to SchoolGambler of life with negima 277. Here you can read online and exchange discussion in negima chapter 277 update of new week start from detail by silver skull.

Negima 277 manga chapter and network. Read rirst update "I just finished reading Negima, and it was pretty good manga. The magic world arc has been pretty good, but I kinda hope we have a little break from all the chaos soon. Like they all end back to the school or something, just for a little while. He could make more pactios, or tell more people about magic etc. My main problem with the whole magic world arc, is that it's a bit too chaotic, so certain characters change, and can't be as funny etc. So, I just hope we have a quick break, before they go back to fighting. One more thing. I'm getting kinda sick of seeing Negi in his 15 year old form. I dunno why, but I think it's because he's funnier when he's younger." Download negima 277 raw scan from members share.

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