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Online naruto 440 chapter the battle towards. Welcome to read naruto manga 440 frin last scan to new spoiler by princekakarot say: "The phrase of "Best Naruto Chapter ever" gets redundant i Feel, as Kishi is doin his best to sweep us off our feet with his story telling. Pein was to lose this fight from the beginning cuz Naruto is strong,natural talent,a lot more mature than before and highly trained and very angry the point he entered into battle. I think Kishi is turning the battle towards Naruto achieving Control of the Kyuubi within him cuz Naruto would be unable to carry on another fight with the kyuubi resting within. When the 9 tails were unleashed tat was practically the end of "Naruto Kyuubi Bijuu" saga.Minato will see to it that Naruto would nt have to endure the Fox anymore." Read naruto 440 spoiler and discussion here.
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