Naruto 530 The Defeat Formidable

The way to naruto 530 filled with a variety of combat. Formed after a horror to lose. Newkerzy the story of a special master to naruto chapter 530 of the weapons are revealed.

Naruto 530 The Defeat Formidable

Naruto 530 manga chapter one weapon to fight what is coming. "It'd be interesting someone said earlier that he could try ordering Enma to fight him. And to make it more awesome after Asuma is defeated Asuma's contract will be overwritten and Chouji will be the new master replacing Asuma's contract. Enma can turn himself into a staff and Chouza uses a staff as his weapon. It'd be cool if Chouji got a little power up and use the same kind of weapon his dad uses." Naruto 530 to excite the reader will have a full fun.

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