Naruto 529 The Power was Sealed

Reasons for differences in the techniques of naruto 529 for sealing force. Target appears to be a secret, but the reason for senninsage interesting that naruto chapter 529 is definitely stronger now.

Naruto 529 The Power was Sealed

Naruto 529 manga chapter with a story to read for fun. "It doesn't sound too unreasonable. I think as you have all sorts of jutsu that do different things and it wouldn't be at all shocking for such a technique to exist. Technically one already does the host sealing system. You take chakra beasts and you seal them inside human hosts pretty much giving that human host the massive chakra reserves of the tailed beast. If such a thing exists then why not a technique that steals chakra from a specified target without bothering to seal the target inside them. " Closer to the excitement of naruto 529 with us and readers to share the fun.

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