Naruto 526 Records of The War

In time of war naruto 526 is proportional to the classified record of interest. Power meaningless naruto chapter 526 of the special elitefox has started.

Naruto 526 Records of The War

Naruto 526 manga chapter of decisions in times of war." Well he's got some Rinnegan action so he probably could take on an entire division or something if spammed some of the Sage's techs. Also, almost all of the summons have been accounted for except the Jinchuuriki Itachi Nagato Chiyo and maybe a few others I'm forgetting. I really wonder where Kabuto will decide to place them in the war they are his aces after especially Nagato and Itachi. The Jinchuuriki less so because they don't have their Bijuu powers. So they're probably nothing special probably." An open mind and to satisfy the story of naruto 526 of the re-generation.

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