Naruto 453: Became Tsunades Apprentice

Manga naruto 453 chapter. Also, every week when time of naruto new chapter come to prediction story can read here. For naruto chapter 453 story read online by narengan say: "It was nothing serious but i thought she would do better. that she learns the kuchiyose no jutsu was clear for me since she became tsunades apprentice. she can heal wounds, okay, she can detoxicate. But the only abbilty she has for fights is her strenght, but if she can't even hit someone with that because she gets kicked away she's more the odd one out. she really needs some genjutsu or ninjutsu, she hasn't improved that much. If you miss last chapter. Naruto 452 Because of The Kill Order Naruto 453: Became Tsunades Apprentice I think the next chapter will only contain some more conversation between the kumo nins and team 7 and perhaps we'll see madara again meeting sasuke. i don't wanna see danzous face every chapter from now on " Manga naruto 453 story. Can follow to read online spoiler, discussion and finish at raw scan download here when it out.
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