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Naruto 479 The Karin Bruises

Naruto 479 The Karin BruiseBeyond description with day of naruto 479. Resemble destiny change in detail from kingplaya and enjoy with share from members if you would like to download naruto chapter 479.

Naruto 479 manga chapter and tolerance. Read detail story "Guess my liltle addition at the end couldn't fool the mods and my comment got deleted. Anyhows, how the hell can u say sasuke is unharmed. What happened when he used his fuuton techs the 1st timd. Sasuke could have been mortally wounded if not 4 his liltle mirror. Karin and not just the bruises that he got, and he put a curse bind on sasuke with relative ease and that would have help kill sasuke pretty easily as i explained in one of my posts. How does that add up 2 make sasuke look 'uber' badass as the rest of the time he had susano up and nothin can be done at that stage."

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Naruto 478 The Actually Called Sasuke

Naruto 478 The Actually Called SasukeGive a send-off with naruto 478. Read excitement finally of year 2009 raw and scanlation help from users share and for naruto chapter 478 story from novelist silentBob777 enjoy with every chapter after happy new year 2010. Thank you for follow us.

Naruto 478 manga chapter and seeker. Read online detail story "Also if he revived Itachi now, it would kinda screw up the plot, you know, he and Sasuke would kill Madara and without Madara there wouldn't be a war, he'd bring Sasuke back from the darkness etc. so what would Naruto do, become Hokage, and. Yeah, it would be fine if the manga was actually called Sasuke.  Since that's not the case, the only way he could revive Itachi and not affect the plot too much would be at the end of the manga." Download naruto 478 raw scan from members share.

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Naruto 477 The Karin is Screaming

Naruto 477 The Karin is ScreamingOriginally in case of necessity of naruto 477. Welcome to read online and enjoy with raw scan share from members today with naruto chapter 477 start detail from igniel please exchange discussion first.

Naruto 477 manga chapter and imaginary. Read detail story "Whatever is going on between Sasuke & Danzo, Madara knows exactly what that is and has now began to take action. As it was pointed out earlier, Madara is no longer positioned sitting atop the pillars. Furthermore, here , Madara's 3 tome sharingan is activated then in the immediate next panel, Karin is screaming and all this is going on while Danzo has verbal diarrhea about Itachi, the Uchiha & Konoha's peace. What is Karin screaming about all of a sudden. Why show Madara with his 3 tome activated. I think Madara must be up to something & has already started to take action." Download naruto 477 raw scan share by users.

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Naruto 476 The Half Dead Body

Naruto 476 The Half Dead BodyFairness and peacefulness start in naruto 476. Cross way of darkness to door of bright light by you can read online detail story from googlez kun and exchange discussion share raw scan with friend.

Naruto 476 manga chapter and yearn. Impress with molecule of interesting in detail story "Madara is giving me an Orochimaru feeling with this half dead body!If it is true that he is always exchanging his body parts,furthermore that he has no real body,just some sick mixture of chakra and some parts of white Zetsu and other gross stuff,this would be great. That would even more give me the feeling of Madara being a real sicko and freak,who somehow is still alive with his falling apart body!
This is somehow similiar to Orochimaru,which makes Madara better in my eyes and maybe they even have a real connection through Danzou." Every impress all visitor for share so download naruto 476 raw scan too.

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Naruto 475 The Between Konoha and Root

Naruto 475 The Between Konoha and RootMiddle point and stop short in naruto 475. Raw scan download share by members and read online story from kaiten.sama please create idea when read finish.

Naruto 475 manga chapter and take adventure. Read detail story "Danzou's role may be to start a civil war between Konoha and Root. With the Fire Country destabilized the war efforts of the other nations would be weakened. Madara may be offering help for Danzou to maintain his position, or just to fan the flames between Danzou and the party that want Kakashi to be Hokage. I don't think Sakura or any of her teammates will be kidnapped and used as bait. Madara is smart enough to know that Sasuke is enough to lure Naruto out." Download naruto 475 raw scan file share by users.

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