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Naruto 497 The Total Control

Devoted most powerful in the fight naruto chapter 497 of the greatest, do not miss the eternalshiva you can download naruto 497 raw scan of the members to share and Exchange ideas with friends reader.

Naruto 497 manga chapter and Intention of the fun "Yugito was the two tails and she could do the same transformation, iirc Hidan and the other guy were surprised she could change into the bijuu, never having seen it before. So this total control of the bijuu is not something common by the way they were reacting to her transformation. If she would of died, the two tails would of been set free to rampage, she was still alive. I'm not sure why you're arguing on this moot point since it's been clear from the beginning that the hosts need to be alive for the extraction. Bee's buddy even says that the previous host to the eight tails died during the extraction, after the rampage."

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Naruto 496 The Power can not control

Naruto chapter 496 in the hard way implies force, difficult to control the content of ameya730 indicate what should be Of course, you can download naruto 496 raw scan from the sharing of member With excitement to every comment.

Naruto 496 manga chapter and the way that the power to use "I dont think the kyuubi vs naruto fight will be a mind fight simply because we already have a hint as to how jiraya tried to train naruto control the kyuubi. Hye used the key. to release the kyuubi chakra with the result that naruto could not control it. we could see the same thing happening. only this time since naruto is at peace with himself he would be able to control the kyuubi."

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Naruto 495 The Memories of the top fighters

Think of old memories naruto chapter 495 of the main characters return to the missing memories. With a new plan that have not been prepared. Combined with the latest content from beasticon999 help generate excitement for those who enjoy more. Do not miss to read or download naruto 495 raw scan from the sharing of member Or you could comment below the article.

Naruto 495 manga chapter, and after a new concept. Plan to fight this time definitely satisfied "My applause goes to kishi for such relief things has been a little tense since pain's invasion.But in the next chapter i want some actual training. Bee 's story was interesting but he may die b4 the end. of the series, kisame may kill him.So far only 16 year olds can kill Akatsuki and this war is for the new generation and the heroes so far are Naruto who defeated Pain and kakuzu, Sasuke who defeated ex member orochimaru, deidara and itachi. Sakura who defeated Sasori, Shikamaru who defeated Hidan."

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Naruto 494 Implementation of more than one fight

The fight over the naruto chapter 494, after excited to invite the stories that follow. Today I met with the expected focus on other content. We believe that you enjoy naruto 494 provided over the same course. And do not miss to read or download naruto chapter 494 of the shares of members.

Naruto 494 manga chapter and content that we read from and when. Is enough to tell the story to happen. Many things are likely to augment the content now. Protagonist wins or not, we will try to find out the tracking. Need to wait anywhere to win. When faced with stellar separations draft We expect to have special power it up best course.

Again the content at the next naruto chapter 495 and expected to continue at last With the power of fellow members. Please help, share or comment here for naruto 495. Have fun reading and excited about the file to your fellow members every day.

Naruto 493 Protect The Village

Important matter of chapter naruto 493 under topic protect the village from sarutobi sensei can create advantage and excitement of new chapter.

Naruto 493 manga chapter and you can exchange dicsussion or download raw scan file from members share after book ready. First, please post your idea before enjoy. "We saw him on his first day. We saw Mizuki telling him that all the people on the village hated him because he had the fox. We saw how all the shinobi reacted when he was nominated a genin, we saw what Ebisu thought of him. We saw via flashbacks that everyone in the village hated him when he was a kid and ignored him, except for Kiba, Shika and Chouji. We saw everything that he had to endure for those 12 years in flashbacks. How can you say that we didn't actually saw Naruto being treated like crap. Only after he became a genin, defeated Zabuza and helped protect the village against Gaara did everyone started acknowledging and respecting him."

Read online naruto 494 requirement read online. Enjoy with update news chapter every week here with prediction of naruto chapter 494 book.

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