Berserk and The End of Year Discussion

Berserk and The Eand of Year DiscussionBe vanquished or conquer in berserk. In the time now, run to end of year and detail story maybe connect to new year 2010 for delectable we present discussion special from novelist 102jayday.

Berserk manga and gambler. Start to read online "I could see it be puck pretending to be caska if thats possible lol pucks likely to make a big rofl to others or a wtf. If caska joined griffith then guts would lose his humanity and the beast of darkness would take over for good, making him a monster without dying weird. Plus guts would prob kill himself, his lost everything and learnt bout that twice so now he is desperate to never lost that 1 spark that remains. We saw how sad he got when he was drowning in the ocean as his grip to caska was loosening. But then again all the time those two are by the water their bond gets stronger." Push forward all story here speed update every chapter week. For raw scan berserk download await after book ready here certainly by users and members share.

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