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Antispam Blacklist: All Blog Update

Problem Antispam. Eradicate spam for members on blogtika when labs team update antispam blacklist so members can trust with blog service by us. Tool, antispam for blog is important and be necessary they agitate and create have a headache to blogger but after they update tool antispam it put an end to blogtika. Antispam Blacklist: All Blog Update Report Spam Blog. For sureness for members when new spam origin you can report to labs team for edit antispam when report and after we analyze spam all blog be safe far spam all format.
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Problem Language B2evolution: Ready Now

Long time for problem. Thai and asia zone language on b2evolution today blogtika labs can change to ready. After labs team select b2evolution cms software is one sector in system superb. Language on B2evolution. For new webmaster or new user maybe be pungent with error of your language on b2evolution, blogtika blog because first don't have setting language system to UTF-8 so after labs team fix and change all code to UTF-8 now, it ready to multi language blog. Problem Language B2evolution: Ready Now Ask about Language on B2evolution. For benefit of members and users blogtika team welcome to support question about problem labguage on blogtika community by labs blog and on your b2evolution or you can find forum from main office b2evolution.
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Blogtika on Twitter Sign up for Piquancy

After blogtika get email from twitter after that sign up for test it. This's twitter on blogtika labs. You and members can read update here: and can add blogtika for followers today with labs community.
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DailyMotion Plugin New System on Blogtika

Update new plugin DailyMotion in tool when create a post/comment. It east to post video from only insert code from DailyMotion to click > menu DailyMotion > insert ID Finish! It's a good service from blogtika enjoy with freedom blog today. Sort:
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Google Video Plugin Last Update on Blogtika System

Today, you can use new plugin from blogtika "Google Video Plugin" for your blog easy to use this plugin only 1.Click Posts/Comments 2.Click Google video add id video from google 3.Finish for add video from google Excite and enjoy with new service from blogtika website can follow up here labs blogtika community. Sort:
Categories: Blog System Lab

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