Blog Community Inspiration From New System

Blog Community Inspiration From New System

More problem from email contact link on blogtika. Ready, you can use contact link on blogtika system after labs team fix problem change code to smtp connect. Move from b2evolution 2.4.6 to new version support all plugin b2evolution 3.3.1 more option can use.

Update front and back office interface blog. For good blog community panel control today can use smooth click and show after we update system to b2evolution 3.3.1 ready to easy control and full color.

Blog community multi language support. Basic support is english language but we be different use utf-8 database and all code can support multi language so blog community on blogtika can support everybody from worldwide.

Post story on blogtika can check feedback at your email account. Easy check blog community with today when you signup and post your story to your account afterthat when visitor come to your blog and send feedback post blogtika system send remind to your email for come to post directly.

The Blogging Community - You can signup service of blogtika. After signup please confirm account at your email for spam safety. And special you can use account at because blogtika website (b2evolution) can support twitter account by after signup you can edit profile account menu. Inspiration from new system

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