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After other permissive (Haha) today i open new blog of eyeshield 21 that am trying assemble information and quality from oneself and from find outside. "Welcome to eyeshield 21 blog" say hello first at http://eyeshield21.blogtika.com thank blogtika.com for free service blog. If i advert info and detail of eyeshield 21 manga comprise prediction story it out when last chapter out, spoiler story it out when near full version of eyeshield 21 out day (But in japan language) afterthat scanlation and discussion out when you view example of spoiler every chapter maybe true or false and finish can download eyeshield 21 chapter here. It has copyright? no please, read here before first manga out in japan language so it is copyright only in japan country but no in english version my friend and outside translation it between own version english trying out it but we have speed translation eyeshield so that is copyright of own translation. "Please, remember files download in this blog" have time 3 month or less "Important" every files in this blog link from finder and outside. Enjoy with eyeshield today start at last chapter 325. - If you have Q&A please contact us for fix problem, everytime. - Eyeshield Blog
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