Eyeshield 21 329 Coverage and Markings

Skid in eyeshield 21 329 story predicton of coverage and markings can read. For eyeshield 21 chapter 329 prediction detail by lord bullgod say: "Two things to factor Monta gets better with every game he now has the backfire neo, something he needed to address in the last game; and Sakuraba is far better than Yukimitsu, so the coverage and markings are going to be a lot different especially when you have a tight end/slot receiver like Tetsuma running inside routes on Monta's side. And team America is much better at adjusting to new patterns than any team the Devilbats played, except for maybe Seibuu. The Cris-Cross has been shut down already after one drive. After reading the arc again, I honestly see that Bud has been shutting Monta. And Bud isn't the penultimate cornerback, he IS the ultimate cornerback. I'd take Bud over Taka any time." Enjoy with eyeshield 21 manga 329.
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