Bleach 356 Seeks Power Definitley

Databook spoiler bleach 356 discussion latest chapter of seeks power definitley. The read detail bleach chapter 356 by roguenin say: "The only thing that might not hold with the theory is that if Aizen is a shinigami, and the top 3 are greater than shinigami's does it mean they can kill Aizen. Well, yeah. Unless Aizen got hollow powers as well, or if he has the ability to Hougyoku give, Hougyoku take, or if they respect him just for making them who they are. I'll go with the first one. If he seeks power, he definitley has hollow powers. The Espada seemed to accept him as their God, for one reason or the other. Even with the rebellious Grimmjaw. Add that to his already godly shinigami powers you know the rest. I have a feeling he is ready for the Vizards too, somehow." Read online spoiler discussion of bleach manga 356.
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