Bakuman 114 The Stimulation of Competition

Time of removal in bakuman 114 failures would be like a catalyst to compete with the excitement. The story of saladesu indicates a good bakuman chapter 114 of the songs of nature.

Bakuman 114 The Stimulation of Competition

Bakuman 114 manga chapter of the idea as a bridge to the truth. "I agree with fizban although an overall voting at the end would reduce the bias somewhat. I don't think it would eliminate it entirely. I wonder if eiji's failure will spur him to work even harder now. I mean although crow and + natural are still doing well he may be galvanised by this failure it would fit his character imo to up his game even more. This will also raise the bar for ashirogi Muto as they still see eiji as a rival they have to beat. Likewise for Akina so natural might become even more formidable competition. I'm looking forward to see exactly why hiramaru and aoki are up to I'm expecting funny stuff when yoshida finds hiramaru." Obsessed with things or are just feeling all bakuman chapter 114 is determined.

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